Learn to play guitar, one acorn at a time!

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What is Acorn?

We are 4 students from JAMK Business Information Technology program, and acorn is a school project that we started developing as part of Ticorporate Demo Lab course. Demo lab is a business envionment where students get to create games and applications using agile development methods to prepare them for work life. We are continuing to develop acorn in Ticorporate Product Lab, which is second part of Ticorporate, where students are put to the test on creating a financially responsible product.

Acorn is a guitar tutorial app, that teaches you everything about guitar basics, both in practice and in theory. While you are learning, you can earn our in-app currency, acorns! With acorns, you can purchase different accessories for our two mascots, Zac and Zoey.

And the best part about acorn? You can take it anywhere with you and learn anytime!


Start from the basics

Our squirrel mascot Zoey, makes learning theory fun – in the form of quizzes! With our theory quizzes you can learn even the most boring parts of music theory.

Make learning fun!

Zoey’s friend, Zac, teaches you basic guitar notes. You will start off with more simple chords, and as you learn you can unlock more tutorials and keep on improving!


Topi Ikonen

Project Management

Hanne Lehtinen

Art & UI Design
Social Media

Joonas Pulkkinen


Patrik Kaunisto



If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us!