December update and project hiatus

Hello everyone!

It is December, the year is coming to an end, and team acorn is also done with the school year. This doesn’t mean that the project ends here, but it will be on a hiatus for a bit since the people on this team will focus on other things for a change. For the last sprint, we had quite a busy schedule. Among finishing up last touches on our app, adding few new quizzes thanks to our music pedagogy student who worked with us, and also creating our presentation for BIT Pitch!

BIT Pitch

So, we had BIT Pitch, and it went rather well! A quick explanation, BIT Pitch is a pitching event, where the teams from Ticorporate Product Lab present their work to the “jury”. For anyone interested, follow this link to watch the VOD of the event. As a whole, we got a lot of good stuff pointed out by the audience, and even some ideas that we could develop in the future. Our business side could still have used some deeper thought, but overall we are happy with how it went. As a learning experience, we definitely got a lot out of this Product Lab course.

Project as a whole

Instead of going over what we did in December, lets go over things we succeeded on, and what we didn’t manage so well.

Things that went well and we learned a lot from:

  • A working prototype
  • Addition of Rehearsal Place
  • Marketing campaign
  • Business around software development

As for a couple of the biggest downsides, we had to cut some features from our app that we wanted to get out. This is simply just due to time constraints since no one was working full time on this project. Some had work, other courses and so on, so using time for this project was very limited at times. We also were a bit constricted with the amount of content for our app, due to reasons that weren’t so dependent on us.

Since we have a working prototype now, it is up for testing! You can find the link to it on the homepage of our website, or just follow this link here. You can also report bugs if you find them, there is a Google form link on our homepage and within the app.

This will also be the final update from me (Patrik) in terms of this project (at least most likely). For this, I’d like to thank you all for reading these posts! Hope it gave you insight on how this project has been going and some useful information on the project itself.

From team acorn, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

– Patrik

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