Summary of october for acorn

vamire Zac

October might be coming to a close, but we here at Acorn are back at work! As I mentioned in the previous blog post, we had autumn vacation last week, which was mainly used for planning things for the rest of the autumn. We also had the testing event of our app with Allergiaskanneri, which you can read more about here.

As a whole, October was quite a successful month for Acorn. We got a lot of things done, and also got a good amount of planning done which should help to speed things up for the upcoming months!

As a brief summary here is a few things that we did during October:

  • Fixed bugs
  • UI updates
  • Star progression system was added
  • Google login and authentication fixes
  • Our website was updated
  • We made plans for a promotional animation
  • Testing event with Allergiaskanneri
  • New online version of our app was built and deployed
  • We also contacted a few music pedagogy students for a collaboration, and one of them has joined the team

As for our next sprint, we are going to keep fixing more bugs, but also implementing the new rehearsal room that will replace the current inventory/store. We are also going to start planning on user acquisition and testing, but more on that next month when it is actually in the motions! We are also going to be presenting our product at the upcoming EXPA Meetup that is happening next month! It will be livestreamed so if you are interested, you can tune in on the 30th of November in this address.

And last but not least, happy Halloween from Acorn to those who celebrate it!


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