Rehearsal room update!


Hey hey!

Hope everyone’s November is going well! In our last blog post, we mentioned that we were working on implementing the new rehearsal room, that would replace the old inventory/store page. Today, we’d like to share more about that!

The old & new

Let’s start with the old inventory and store system. It was fairly basic, the top of the page was reserved for your inventory. It showed you your owned items, and buttons that you could use to equip the items on our mascots Zac and Zoey. Under that you could scroll to see the shop, where you could see the items you could purchase using acorns. The only times you would see the changes were when you opened the equip confirmation screen, or when you completed a quiz. After we completed testing of our app a small while ago, the testers gave feedback on the system. This iteration of the store left users wanting to see the actual changes and the items on the mascots.

Here is a look at the old store system

With the new rehearsal room, that problem is fixed since you get to see the changes immediately! Now, when you open up the inventory page, you see a room with Zac and Zoey. From there you can equip the items for them, or you can also put items in different spots in the room! You can also use acorns to buy upgraded versions of the rehearsal room, giving it different looks and feels. You start out with a very “cheap” rehearsal room, and as you progress on with quizzes, you afford to upgrade your room to be more appealing and cool.

Here is the new rehearsal room!

That’s pretty much it! We hope that the new system brings more clarity and an enjoyable experience to users, so they can finally enjoy the items and progress they’ve made using acorn!

See you in the next update!

– Patrik

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