Summary of November for Acorn

Hello again!

Another month has gone by, and a lot has happened during November here at acorn. It was quite a busy month for us, with a lot of tasks and work to be done, and overall, we completed most of them. In our previous blog post we showed the new rehearsal place, that replaced our old store system. That was one major thing we wanted working during this sprint, and we did it!

As a brief summary here is a few things that we did during November:

  • Fixed bugs
  • Added our privacy policy to our website
  • Improved quiz graphics
  • Updated icons
  • Had testing event for our app at DGC
  • A bunch of business related stuff (Value proposition, marketing goals etc)
  • Fixed data loading issues

Different retrospective, EXPA and December for acorn

During this sprint, we also tried a different way of doing retrospective, in the form of Tortilla Thursday (Even though it was held on a Friday due to scheduling)! It was quite a lot of fun since it was a lot more casual, and in a different environment than usual. We ate some tortillas and played some party games and then did our retrospective for the sprint. It was overall a really nice experience, and the whole team was really happy on how it turned out.

At the end of this month, we also had the EXPA meetup, where we were presenting our application! As a whole the presentation went really well, and we are happy that we took the opportunity to go and talk about our application. We overall think this also helped us prepare for the upcoming BIT Pitch a bit. If you want to see the VOD of us presenting our app, check it out here!

That being said, there is bit less than 2 weeks of work left before acorn heads out for a holiday break, and we have BIT Pitch ahead of us that we have to prepare for. Here is more info on BIT Pitch if you are interested!

Stay tuned for more updates!


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