Testing event between acorn and allergiaskanneri!


We here at Acorn had autumn vacation last week, although some members still worked on the project during that time. This current week we mostly will just focus on fixing most critical bugs and doing some other smaller tasks out of the way, so we can focus on new and bigger things in the upcoming sprint.

We had a testing event before the autumn vacation with our fellow Product lab project, Allergiaskanneri (Allergy Scanner in English). The event consisted of both teams testing each others products, and then giving feedback. Feedback consisted of things the testers liked, improvement ideas and also noting bugs/issues found in the current build.

Few of the positive things that were noted:

  • Quizzes were fun to do even if you had little-to-no knowledge of guitars
  • The star progression system was nice
  • The testers liked the color scheme of the app
  • Simplicity of profile page
  • The overall look of the app

The issues

The issues and bugs that were noted by the testers were mainly things we already knew about, and are currently working on. Most of those were especially in the store and item equipping, but those areas of our app are already getting reworked anyways.

Testing event as a whole

Overall, the testing event was a success, and we got a lot of good feedback on our app. Our build was a bit broken, which resulted in some issues, but overall it didn’t stop the testers from getting a good experience out of our app. Both teams got valuable feedback that will help the development of their respective apps further, and we decided that we would do something similar in the future. In general, it was nice to see the other team as well, since most of the recent years studies have been via online.


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